Abrego is a small business located in Southern California. We have a passion for building handmade furniture. Out of a desire to build a family van for ourselves, we started Abrego Caravans. With so many builds on the market, we wanted to fill a category for a 'Weekender' vehicle that was more practial for everyday use and the short trips we wanted to take.

Our passion is sustainable and creulty-free practices. We use sustainable materials in all our builds and stay clear of products tested, used, or made from animals. We believe you should be able to adventure with your loved ones (or solo!) and know that you are driving, sleeping, relaxing in a sustainable and healthy environment.


We start almost all our builds with the base model called the 'Weekender'. Depending on what you need for your van we customize options up to a 'Camper' van (extended trips with added storage and amenities) or a 'Family' Van (added seating and sleeping).

If you need more custom work done, please contact us through our quote page and give us more detail about what you need to see if we can help you. We currently are not offering build outs of interior showers, stoves, or other RV-type amenities, but we do have local contacts that we will share with you for those type of builds.

In addition to our base model, we offer gray water sink systems, power banks, electric coolers, added cabinetry, rinse kits, roof-mounted water tanks, and other exterior add-ons including racks, awnings, ladder, tires, rims and solar panels.

Our lead times vary from 2-4 weeks for procurring materials and product and 3-6 weeks for install depending on your design. Lead times vary depending on how many vehicles we currently are working on.

To find out more, please send us an inquiry on your 'Get a Quote' page.

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