The Weekender

Designed for multi-functional, weekend and day activities.


Comfortable seating for up to 6 adults, our coffee table option is perfect for quick day sessions at the beach or park.


Sit up to 6 adults comfortably at the dining table, easy to set up and useful from day to night.


Easily convert from seats to a bed for day time siestas and night time slumber.


Plenty of storage for everything you need from blankets to camping supplies, there's room for everything. Includes 48'' drawers that pull out for storage and cooking surfaces.

Pricing for our Weekender base model starts at $16,500. Click to get a quote on your build today!


Cabinetry and all hardware for storage and conversion

Plywood material with clear coat

3'' Cushion seats and back rests

Hemp Wool Insulation on side walls and ceiling from front to back

Slatwall with surf racks or paneled wall with no hardware attachements.